“In our industry, every technology generates what I call a “galaxy.” These galaxies feature stars but also black holes; meteoric changes that fade in the night, many planets, only a tiny fraction of which harbour some kind of life, and lots of cosmic dust and dark matter.

Examples of galaxies are, for example, .NET, Cocoa, Node.js, PHP, Emacs, SAP, etc. Each of these features evangelists, developers, bloggers, podcasts, conferences, books, training courses, consulting services, and inclusion problems. Galaxies are built on the assumption that their underlying technology is the answer to all problems. Each galaxy, thus, is based in a wrong assumption.”

“I’ve noticed a quiet crisis unfolding in software development leading to low quality applications, unhappy employees and unhappy users. Silver bullet solutions keep creeping into our awareness (Scrum, anyone?) and predictably keep letting us down.

This is almost entirely the fault poor management — or perhaps it should be called fad management”

“When you hear the word “just” being thrown around, dig deep into that statement and find all of the assumptions made within it.” – it is dangerous to assume things without reflecting on it first

An interesting reflection on the different use cases for mobile web and native apps, and why one might need both. tl;dr: Mobile Web is great for reach, Native for engagement.

“It’s other men who have the power to create social consequences. It starts with refusing to be a bystander by calling things out. Ultimately, if men stopped working with, hiring, and funding those men who behaved badly, the effects would be dramatic.”

“As you start to grow from a tiny startup into something that resembles a more mature company, your #1 priority becomes surrounding yourself with incredible leaders who can do their jobs better than you ever did. You delegate more, question less and start to see the big picture.”